Greetings to Macao - Challenging Video Art from Around the World

16 - 24/3/2002 19:00 ~ 22:30     Ruins of St. Paul's    

Programme 1: The Face of the World

Surprising new videos, dealing with the state of the world, taking us to remote areas, to exciting cities and magical landscapes:

– “The Great Escape”, by Jeroen Offerman, United Kingdom/The Netherlands, 2000

– “15,000,000 Parachutes”, by Sebastian D.M., Argentina/Indonesia

– “Cold Pieces”, by Seungho Cho, USA, 1999

– “Solitario”, by Carlos Amorales, Mexico/The Netherlands, 1998


Programme 2: Body and Soul

Desire and rejection. Love and pain. Confronting us with the truly amazing process of how body and soul act and react:

– “Look at Me”, by Peter Stel, The Netherlands, 1998

– “Gemini”, by Andreas Gedin, Sweden, 2000

– “A Beautiful Dream”, by Jung Chul Hur, Korea, 2000

– “Hovering over Wasteland”, by Michiel van Bakel, The Netherlands, 1998

– “Who is Angel”, by Xaoyun Chen, China, 2001

– “Heatseeking part I – Course”, by Jordan Crandell, USA, 2000


Programme 3: For Your Eyes Only

A special programme with seductive and award winning works by video artist Hanspeter Ammann. Many of these videos have

been shot in Macao and are now touring the world:

– “Just a Moment”, Macao/Switzerland, 2000

– “Couple”, USA/Switzerland, 1998

– “Two Songs”, Macao/Switzerland, 2002

– ”Ferrara”, Italy/Switzerland, 2000

– “Macao Handover”, Macao/Switzerland, 2000


Programme 4: Questions and Answers

A series of new works that raise questions rather than delivering answers. They convince through their progressive approach

and the balance in form and content:

– “Hangen”, by Nicky Zwaan, The Netherlands, 2000

– “I Will Die”, by Yang Zhen Zhong, China, 2000

– “File”, by Kurt D’Haeseleer, Belgium, 2000

– “Poem #1 - #10”, by Eddie D., The Netherlands, 1999

– “De Tuin”, by Dan Geesin/Esther Rots, United Kingdom/The Netherlands, 1999