The Love Potion

Play in Patois

16 - 17/3/2002 20:00     Macao Tower Auditorium     80

“Macaista” theatre symbolises the diversification of the dramatic arts in Macao. The use of Macao’s unique patois onstage represents both a tradition and an identity, the very special life of a community marked by its constant ability to adapt to its environment. It also reflects the ability of this city, where so many different languages and people meet, to absorb and value each community.

Its main characteristic is the reflection upon quotidian life recurring to a rich and amusing language, although sometimes harsh and malicious.

The Love Potion tells us the story of Terencio Cruz, a happy optimistic man, for whom nothing was impossible and on whom life always smiled. He cultivated a very special passion: the use of exotic potions, derived from Chinese traditional medicine. But suddenly destiny tricked him…all because of a wretched potion…



Doci Papiacam di Macau Drama Group

Playwright: Miguel de Senna Fernandes