Its Hard to Say Goodbye

Cantonese Opera Concert

Wednesday, March 13, 2002 20:00     Alegria Theatre Hall I    

After Love Songs presented previously in the MAF, this year’s festival presents It’s Hard to Say Goodbye, a new Cantonese opera performed by several singers chosen through public auditions in Macao, Cheang Tin Iao, Fong Sio Long, both famous local opera stars, Chinese renowned huadan, Cao Xiu Qin, and Hong Kong famous huadan, Im Ka Sing.


“Farewell at Chong Tai”

“Sek Soi says goodbye to Keng O”

“Farewell at Cheong Pavilion”

“Farewell at Lao Pavilion”, excerpt from Lam Chong

“Farewell”, excerpt from Chu Pin’s return to the Imperial Court

“Peng Kuai says goodbye to his family”

“Man Kei’s return to the Han Kingdom”

Artistic advisors: Chan Wai Chun, Yun Teng Sao, Ian Lai Chan

Supported by the Macao Workers Association Culture Council