Music from Jiangnan for Winds & Strings - Traditional Chinese Music

Saturday, October 14, 2000 16:00     Lou Lim Ieoc Garden     80


1. “Joy” Liu Mingyuan
“Black Bamboo Tune” Jiangnan folk tune

2. “Evening Song from a Fishing Boat” Música Antiga / Ancient tune
Soloist – Luo Jing

3. “Tour of Suzhou” Arr. Jiang Xianwei
“Three, Five and Seven” Arr. Zhao Songting
Soloist – Tang Junqiao

4. “Great Ambushment” Ancient tune
Soloist – Shi Xiaolei

5. “Spring River in the Moonlight” Música Antiga / Ancient tune

6. “Camel Bells on the Silk Road” You Yong
Soloist – Zhang Li

7. “A Ditty from Henan Province” Liu Mingyuan
“Ripe Grapes” Zhou Wei
Soloist – Ma Xiaohui

8. “A Lovely Rose” Kazak Folk Song Arr. Gu Guanren
“Song of Joy” Jiangnan silk and wind music Arr. Gu Guanren
“Procession Tune” Jiangnan Folk Tune
Performers – Ma Xiaohui, Luo Jing, Tang Junqiao, Zhang Li, Zhang Yi and Shi Xiaolei

Sole sponsored by: Companhia de Electricidade de Macao – CEM, S.A.
Acknowledgment: Lun Chun Hong

Notes on Music

This is a favorite traditional instrumental piece in a heated and lively mood.

Black Bamboo Tune
Beautiful scenes of the Yangtze Delta are fully reflected in beautiful melodies.

Evening Song from a Fishing Boat
In graceful tune and slow rhythm, the piece gives a picture of a vast river in the setting sun, with a singing fisherman returning in a leisurely boat full of trophies.

Tour of Suzhou
Reflecting an old Chinese saying “Heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below,” the music depicts beautiful natural scenery in Suzhou.

Three, Five and Seven
The piece, adapted from Wu opera of Zhejiang Province, is in a heated and lively mood.

Great Ambushment
The piece is based on a historical event that the Han army defeated the Chu army with great ambushment in a final battle, 202 BC. The vivid and exciting music presents that tense, noisy and fierce battle and heroic scenes in the ancient battlefield.

Spring River in the Moonlight
The genre painting, a returning fishing boat in the setting sun, is saturated into a gentle and graceful tune, a favorite song praising the country’s beautiful landscapes.

Camel Bells on the Silk Road
In an endless vast desert is a lonely company of travellers with camels. In the evening, the camping people sing and dance with a camp fire. In the early morning, all disappear from the endless horizon, only with the tinkle of the camel bells lingering in the breeze.

A Ditty from Henan Province
With materials and singing style from Yu opera of Henan province, and a striking contrast between fast and slow tempos, the music conveys a strong local flavour and artistic taste in a hearty and humorous mood.

Ripe Grapes
The beautiful melody and bold rhythm depicts happiness for the harvest.

A Lovely Rose
The pursuit and eulogy of beauty is expressed in this lyrical melody, performed with various individual instruments.

Song of Joy
One of the eight well-known pieces in the string and wind music of Jiangnan – the Yangtze Delta, the piece, in graceful melody and lively rhythm, shows before us a beautiful landscape and a festival celebration of that area.

Procession Tune
Typical in eight well-known pieces of Jiangnan string and wind music, the piece consists of the local opera tunes of Xiao-bai-men and Yu-e-lang, alternatively with graceful smooth slow tempo and lively heated fast tempo.