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Academic Reseach Grants
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Research Grant Lectures
  The Development of Macaos Ocean Culture  
  The Changing Role of Macaos Port in the Late Qing Dynasty  
  Issues Relating to the Standard of Living and Consumption in Macao during the Qing Dynasty  
  Growing up in Macao: A Study of Materialistic Values among Children and Adolescents  
  Temples in Macao Dedicated to the Earth God  
  Licit and Illicit Commerce in China: Portuguese Crown, Private Companies and Merchants at Macao, 1770-1835  
  Commerce and Consumption: Merchants and Opium at Batavia over the 18th Century  
  The Survival of Empire Revisited: Personal and Professional Reflections upon Macao and the History of China  
  Agency, Monopoly and Commerce, 1674 1774: The Administrators of the Junta do Tabaco  
  The Historical Influence of Portuguese Civilization in Goa and Macao during the 15th-17th Centuries  
  The New American Specie(s): The Speculative Logic of Natural Classification in The Journals of Major Samuel Shaw, the First American Consul at Canton (1847)  
  Struggling to Survive Adversity The Development and Popularization of the Gaming Industry in Macao (1847-1911)  
  Lou Kau's Family History  
  Lou Kau's Family History  
  Macao in the Making of Early Sino-US Relations, 1784-1844  
  Portuguese India: The Indian Ocean Space, Urban Systems, and Colombo  
  In Search of Folk Humour The Rebellious Cult of Na Tcha in Macao  
  The Growth of Macao's Chinese Community in the Mid-Qing Period: Urban Changes during the Reigns of Emperors Qianlong and Jiaqing  
  Jo緌 Rodrigues: a 16th Century Missionary in Japan  
  Captives and "Bichas", Girls and Servants: Female Social Subordination and The Formation of Macao Matrimonial Market (1590-1725)  
  The Rites Controversy: Carlo Tommaso Maillard de Tournon in China  
  Macao, Europe and Brazil: Tastes and trading in Chinese precious products  
  George Chinnery and the Chinnery School  
  China's Image in Fern緌 Mendes Pinto's Peregrina誽o  
  Macao and Hong Kong: Living with borders, overcoming borders  
  The 400th Anniversary of Beijings Nantang (South) Church: Testament to Chinese and Western Cultural Exchange during the Ming and Qing Dynasties  
  Views of Old Macao  
Online Resources
  450 Years of Luso-Chinese Relations
  Review of Culture Database
  Macao Historical Archives
  Macao Central Lirbrary
  Macao Museum
Academic Research Grant Regulations


The launch of research grants is an important measure in IC's support to academic research. The academic research grants promote Macao's culture and history within academic circles as well as the research of Macao's role in the exchange between East and West, strengthening the citizen's knowledge and understanding about the territory, positively contributing for Macao's cultural development and earning recognition from the academic world.

In order to accompany the new social and academic trends as well as to improve and regulate the system, IC, after reviewing the experience of the previously launched "Academic Research Grant Regulations", carried out a revision of its provisions, and is now launching the new "Academic Research Grant Regulations", approved by the Secretary of Social Affairs and Culture's Order No. 13/2015.