The launch of research grants is an important measure in IC’s support to academic research. The academic research grants promote Macao’s culture and history within academic circles as well as the research of Macao’s role in the exchange between East and West, strengthening the citizen’s knowledge and understanding about the territory, positively contributing for Macao’s cultural development and earning recognition from the academic world.

In order to accompany the new social and academic trends as well as to improve and regulate the system, IC, after reviewing the experience of the previously launched “Academic Research Grant Regulations”, carried out a revision of its provisions, and is now launching the new “Academic Research Grant Regulations”, approved by the Secretary of Social Affairs and Culture’s Order No. 13/2015.

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Another aim of the Research Scholarship Programme is to produce material for publication in Review of Culture (RC) and, at times, as books.  

For the past 30 years, RC has served the needs of Chinese, Portuguese and English readers by issuing both Chinese and International (Portuguese and English) editions. A major academic quarterly dealing with Macao history and culture, RC aims to foster the exchange of ideas relating to Chinese and Western cultures, to reflect the unique identity of Macao and to stimulate ideas and discussions of topics related to Macao culture and history, establishing an intellectual forum for "Macao Studies".

The Research Grant Lecture Series is a product of the Research Scholarship Programme as IC scholars are invited to give a public talk about their findings, providing researchers with opportunities to exchange ideas with people interested in Macao's culture and history.

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  RCI pays tribute to Father Benjamim Videira Pires, S.J, Macao educator, historian and writer, to mark the centenary of his birth
  Three candidates selected for Cultural Affairs Bureau’s Academic Research Grants
  Applications for the Cultural Affairs Bureau “Academic Research Grants” open in March

450 Years of Luso-Chinese Relations

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Arquivo de Macau
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