Genesis and Spirit – Inner Mongolian Folk Performances: “Traditions of the Past”

9/6     Saturday 5pm
10/6   Sunday 11am
Ruins of St. Paul’s
Free Admission

The music, songs and dances of the Inner Mongolian grasslands demonstrate the personality and traditional characteristics of the Region’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. In Macao, the performance of these folk songs and dances paints an intimate portrait of the Region’s cultural life against the backdrop of the Ruins of St. Paul’s, raising awareness of the conservation work being done to preserve this cultural heritage.

Performances include the Traditional Folk Long Song (urtiin duu), Tuvan throat singing, Traditional Music of the morin khuur (two-stringed fiddle), khuurchir (four-stringed fiddle) and yatga (Mongolian guzheng) and the hao lai bao singing and storytelling art, as well as Mongolian folk dances.