Sub Title:Exhibition of City Plans and Architectural Drawings from The Collection of The Archives of Macao
Publication Year:2017
Language:Chinese , English , Portuguese
Size:29.7 x 21
Package:Soft cover
Price:MOP 70


From the late 19th century, major urban development started to take place in Macao. Along with the expansion of the Portuguese’ scope of administration, modern construction took place outside of the original city of Macao. Old street blocks were re-planned and revamped, land reclamations were carried out, coastlines became straighter, new road networks were established and a modern harbour was created. Modern living style and environment were introduced into the new districts and establishments, which has provided conditions for the further developments of Macao. “Macao Illustrated – Exhibition of City Plans and Architectural Drawings from the Collection of the Archives of Macao” presents a selection of city plans and architectural drawings preserved in the Archives of Macao. Images on display are organized by category to trace the history of Macao’s evolvement and its geographical changes over two centuries, highlight the characteristics of edifices in Macao and corroborate the architectural accomplishments of Macao in more than one hundred years.