Title:Macao’s College and Church of St Joseph
Sub Title:Splendour of the Baroque in China
Author:Cesar Guillen-Nuñez
Publication Year:2017
Size:25.5 x 18.5
Price:MOP 180


This book is about the College (today Seminary) and Church of St.Joseph in Macao and the historical period from which it emerged. It is a companion to the previous monograph on the city’s other main landmark, namely, the Church of St Paul, by the same author. The latter book was published several years ago with the title Macao’s Church of St Paul, A Glimmer of the Baroque in China. In the present publication readers are offered a fascinating account of what originally was built as Macao’s Jesuit College of St Joseph, the second most important example of religious architecture in the city. Like its predecessor, it is also studied from the perspective of the history of art.