1699 The Peach Blossom Fan – Kun Opera

Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera Theatre (Mainland China)





Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium


MOP 350, 300, 200, 100,

A love saga at the demise of a dynasty

Original Author: Kong Shangren (1648-1718)
Chief Producer: Zhu Changyao
Artistic Director: Ke Jun
Supervisors: Zhao Jingli and Li Hongliang
Executive Director: Zhang Xiaoxue
Special Consultant for Kunqu Performance: Zhang Jiqing
Literary Consultant: Yu Kwang-chung (Taiwan)
Drama Consultant: Sohn Jin Chaek (Korea)
Academic Consultants: Dong Jian and Oh Sook Yung (Korea)
Music Promotion: Seikoh Nagaoka (Japan)
Performance Consultants: Shi Xiaomei and Hu Jinfang
Music Director and Conductor: Dai Peide
Performance Instructors: Huang Xiaowu, Zhao Jian, Ke Jun, Li Hongliang, Gong Yinlei and Qian Zhenrong

Director: Tian Qinxin
Assistant Director: Wang Bin
Vocal and Music Design: Sun Jian’an
Music Arrangements: Jiang Jinghong
Stage and Lighting Design: Xiao Lihe
Costume and Style Design: Mo Xiaomin

Main Characters and Cast:
Hou Fangyu     Shi Xiaming  
Li Xiangjun     Shan Wen
Master of Ceremonies / Su Kunsheng /T aoist Priest Zhang     Chen Chao
Yang Wencong     Zhou Xin        
Li Zhenli     Xu Sijia     
Shi Kefa     Yang Yang                       
Zuo Liangyu     Sun Jing                       
Ruan Dacheng     Zhao Yutao                          
Ma Shiying     Cao Zhiwei
Chen Zhenhui     Zhang Zhengyao
Wu Yingji     Sun Yijun

 31st World Festival of Theatre “Excellent Drama Award” 4th Kun Opera Festival “Excellent Drama Award”

The writing of the musical play and historical drama in 44 acts, The Peach Blossom Fan, was completed in 1699 by early Qing dynasty dramatist Kong Shangren, after more than ten years of effort and three revisions. Kong Shangren was a 64th generation descendant of Confucius. The play, of high historical and literary significance, depicts the drama that resulted in the 1644 collapse of the Ming Dynasty through the love story of its two main characters, the young scholar Hou Fangyu and the courtesan Li Xiangjun.

In order to faithfully represent the immense value of this magnum opus on a contemporary stage, director Tian Qinxin searched high and low across China for the missing music scores. Knowing that the original play would take days to be rendered in full, Tian Qinxin created an abridged version in 6 acts without making any alteration to the original text, targeting a modern audience. As homage to Kong Shangren, the name of the production, 1699 The Peach Blossom Fan includes the year 1699 which marks the completion of the manuscript.

This magnificent production by the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera Theatre stars up-and-coming young actors and paragons of Kun Opera and has invested heavily in the quality of its sets and costumes. The stage is framed with translucent water paintings representative of the Ming era, inspired by the motif “Heaven, Earth and Man”, depicting the former glory and prosperity of the Qinhuai riverbanks. The costumes’ long sleeves are entirely single-lined, quilted and handmade, as well as the other 291 outfits and accessories.

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Performed in the Zhongzhou dialect, with surtitles in Chinese, Portuguese and English
Duration: approximately 3 hours, including one interval