Musical “Dream of Journey to the West” - Concert Version

The Macao Chinese Orchestra





Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium


MOP 180, 120, 100,

A first-time combination of traditional Chinese music and theatre, astonishingly wonderful!

Conductor: Pang Ka Pang
Playwright: Dong Fangfang
Composer: Hao Weiya
Director: Yi Liming

Main Characters and Cast:
Monk Tang     Wei. Soprano
Sun Wukong     Li Xiang, Tenor
Piggie     Xie Tian. Tenor
Monk Sha     Wang Hexiang, Baritone

We all have dreams,
And in these dreams, we no longer understand who we are.
While we pursue our dreams, we are unable to expect what we will encounter,
And we have no idea where our desires will lead us…

The Musical “Dream of Journey to the West” – Concert Version was created according to the innovative principles of traditional musical, combining traditional instruments and a dramatic plot featuring traditional opera, musical theatre and drama. The work unfolds from the word “dream” to develop an oneiric story, which develops through distinct folk musical instruments and a truly refreshing musical style.

The intention of creating a musical featuring Chinese folk music aims at uncovering the features originally belonging to folk music in harmony with national symphonic music. It also hopes to elaborate a form of music featuring specific characteristics of Chinese folk musical instruments, expressing the unique charm of folk music.

In this concert, the Macao Chinese Orchestra will share the joy of Chinese music by interacting with the audience in a vivid and lively manner. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this wonderful music journey!

Performed in Mandarin, with surtitles in Chinese and Portuguese
Duration: approximately 2 hours, including one interval