The Bound-feet Liu Jinding Crashes Four Gates

Macao Kaifong Cantonese Opera Juvenile’s Troupe





Cinema Alegria


MOP 100, 80,

Ancient opera packed with refreshing new blood

Script Coordinator: Yeong Yn On
Director: Mo Weiying
Deputy Directors: Deng Zhiming, Chen Riyun, Zhang Chunyuan and Huang Xiaodan
Artistic Director: Lo Hang Peng
Front Stage Manager: Leong Kuan I
Back Stage Manager: Wan Wing Kee
Photography: Ng Chi Keong

Characters and Cast:
Gao Junbao        Deng Zhiming
Liu Jinding        Cheong Ka Ieng, Cheong Sut Ian
Zhao Kuangyin        Kong Wai Lam
Liu Ping        Zhang Chunyuan
Zhao Pu        Tang Chi Kin
Liu Piao        Chan Ian Hei, Ku Wai Lam
Xing Jiao        Mak Hio Iao, Chan Ka Ieng
Wen Bao        Tam Weng Ka
Lady Liu        Ku Wai Lam
Huang Pusong        Noe Cristovão
Kao Huaide        Tong Chi Wa
Yu Hong        Chong U Chak
Zhao Meirong        Mok On Ieng
Wang Wenjie        Tong Chi Wa
Li Yi        Yao Chi Hin
Officers at the Four Gates        Ng U Seng, Maggie Mok, Lei Si Ieng

The Bound-feet Liu Jinding Crashes Four Gates recounts the arduous journey of Zhao Kuangyin, the founder of China’s Song dynasty, in his quest to conquer the Southern Tang Kingdom.

The Macao Kaifong Cantonese Opera Juvenile’s Troupe encourages teenagers’ interest in learning this art form and laying a solid performance foundation by providing basic training in Cantonese Opera and theatrical performance. Strenuous practice enables students to achieve the highest standards, empowering them to propagate the artistic essence of Cantonese Opera.

Performed in Cantonese, with surtitles in Chinese

Duration: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one interval