34th Macao Young Musicians Competition successfully concluded
Siu Lai Na wins Cultural Affairs Bureau Prize
Published date 08-09-2016
Type Music Competition
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The trials of the “34th Macao Young Musicians Competition” of the Cultural Affairs Bureau have been concluded. Several extraordinary young musicians competed in a few days ago (7 August) in the Competition for Special Awards, to great acclaim. The “Cultural Affairs Bureau Prize” was awarded to Siu Lai Na and, meanwhile, the winner of the Award for Best Group Performance was announced, as well as the winners in the other categories. The award ceremony was attended by the Head of the Department of Cultural Events of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Kent Ieong Chi Kin, as well as by members of the jury Kuo, Lien-Chang, Chen, Ju-Chi, Dai Luqing and Zhou Zhan, among others.

The winner of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Prize, Siu Lai Na, was awarded the title of Advanced Level Grand Champion in Guzheng in the 34th Macao Young Musicians Competition. Siu Li Na, now 16-years old, had been awarded the title of Elementary Level Grand Champion in Guzheng at the 26th Macao Young Musicians Competition, the second prize in the category of Advanced Level in Guzheng at the 30th Macao Young Musicians Competition and the gold medal in the national finals of the Small Golden Bell Music Competition, among others, and received the maximum  classification in the grading test of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society. Siu Li Na began her Guzheng studies at the age of 5 under Yuan Quan at the Macao Culture and Arts Educational Centre, and in 2013 she was admitted in the Macao Juvenile Group of Guzheng Arts, where she studied under Wong Kin Wai and has been learning under renowned Guzheng instrumentalist Zhou Qian since 2014. During the competition, Siu Li Na offered an all-round interpretation, with an exquisite timbre, high self-confidence and great stage presence, earning the jury’s praise. Siu Li Na will be awarded a scholarship granted by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, that comprises the amount of the first year tuition fee of a university degree or music-related course.

The Competition for Special Awards in each level was also extraordinary, and all participants gave their best in the performance. The Grand Champion at Elementary Level of the Grand Special Final was cellist Han Pok Man, the Grand First Runner-Up was Yangqin instrumentalist Lam Cheng Kei and the Grand Second Runner-Up was Guzheng instrumentalist Sou Chi Kei. In intermediate level, the Grand Champion was Guzheng instrumentalist Chan Weng Chi, the Grand First Runner-Up was percussionist Ip Chon Fong and the Grand Second Runner-Up was tuba instrumentalist Lao Ut Long. At advanced level, the Grand Champion, the Grand First Runner-Up and the Grand Second Runner-Up were, respectively, Guzheng instrumentalist Siu Lai Na (also winner of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Prize), Erhu instrumentalist Choi Hio Lam and violinist Hou Chengyi. The percussion ensemble formed by U Ngai Un, Wong Hio Man, Choi Chi Meng and Lai Weng Ka won the Award for Best Group Performance.

All winners can collect their award certificates and evaluation sheets from 22 to 25 September (including Saturday and Sunday), from 10am to 7pm (no lunch break) at the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building. The winners of special awards and the first three winners in each category can also collect their prizes in form of cheques. Soloist winners should collect their prizes in form of cheques and certificates in person and present the original or copy of their Macao Resident Identification Card for verification. Winners of the Award for Best Group Performance may collect their respective monetary prizes through their representative; the representative and all ensemble members must collect their individual prize certificates in person.
The 35th Macao Young Musicians Competition (Piano) is scheduled to be held next year in July and August. More information will be announced at the end of this year at the Competition’s webpage and those interested should refer to www.icm.gov.mo/cjmm.

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